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January 12 2023 


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Japan, 1988

On 25 November Miyano and Minato wandered around Misato with the intention of robbing and raping local women. At 8:30 p.m., they spotted Furuta riding her bike home after she had finished a shift at her job. Under Miyano's orders, Minato kicked Furuta off her bike and fled the scene. Miyano, under the pretense of witnessing the attack by coincidence, approached Furuta and offered to walk her home safely.

Upon gaining her trust, he raped her in the warehouse, and again in a nearby hotel, threatening to kill her. From the hotel, Miyano called Minato and his other friends, Jō Ogura and Yasushi Watanabe, and bragged to them about the rape. Ogura reportedly asked Miyano to keep her in captivity in order to allow numerous people to sexually assault her. The group had a history of gang rape and had recently kidnapped and raped another girl, whom they released afterward.

Around 3:00 a.m., Miyano took Furuta to a nearby park, where Minato, Ogura, and Watanabe were waiting. They had learned her home address from a notebook in her backpack and told her they knew where she lived, and that Yakuza members would kill her family if she attempted to escape. The four boys overpowered her, took her to a house in the Ayase district of Adachi, and gang-raped her. The house, which was owned by Minato's parents, soon became their regular gang hangout.

On 27 November, Furuta's parents contacted the police about her disappearance. To discourage further investigation, the kidnappers forced her to call her mother three times to convince her that she had run away but was safe and staying with some friends. They also forced Furuta to stop the police investigation. When Minato's parents were present, Furuta was forced to act as his girlfriend. They dropped this pretense when it became clear that Minato's parents would not report them to the police. Minato's parents later claimed they did not intervene because they were afraid as their own son was increasingly violent toward them.

On the night of 28 November, Miyano invited two other boys, Tetsuo Nakumara and Koichi Ihara, E and F, respectively, to the Minato house. They went to the upstairs room, where Junko was sitting, wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt and a skirt that Miyano had stolen from a clothing store a few days prior. They drank cough medicine, pretending it was drugs, and acted high. Furuta tried to run away, screaming in fear. Miyano grabbed her legs and Ihara put a pillow over her face. The parents were awakened and went to check on the scream to which Minato told them that it was nothing. The group then proceeded to gang-rape Furuta. During this time, she was in a state of unconsciousness, staring at the ceiling without blinking.


The group held Furuta captive in the Minato residence for 40 days, where they repeatedly beat, raped, and tortured her. They also invited other men and teenage boys home and encouraged them to take turns raping her.

According to the group's statements, the four shaved her pubic hair, forced her to dance to music while naked and masturbate in front of them, and left her on the balcony in the middle of the night with little clothing. They inserted objects into her vagina and anus, including a lit match, a metal rod, and a bottle, and force-fed her with large amounts of alcohol, milk and water. She was also forced to smoke multiple cigarettes at once and inhale paint thinner. In one incident, Miyano repeatedly burned Furuta's legs and arms with lighter fluid. By the end of December, Furuta was severely malnourished after being fed only small amounts of food and eventually only milk. Due to her severe injuries and infected burns, she became unable to go to the downstairs toilet, and became confined to the floor of Minato's room in a state of extreme weakness.

Furuta's appearance was drastically altered from the brutality of the attacks. Her face was so swollen that it was difficult to make out her features. Her body was also severely crippled, giving off a rotting smell that caused the four boys to lose sexual interest in her. As a result, the boys kidnapped and gang-raped a 19-year-old woman who, like Furuta, was on her way home from work.


On 4 January 1989, after losing a game of mahjong against another person the night before, Miyano decided to take his anger out on Furuta by pouring lighter fluid on her body and setting her on fire. Furuta allegedly made attempts to put out the fire, but gradually became unresponsive. They continued to punch her, ignited a candle and dripped hot wax on her face, placed two short candles on her eyelids, and forced her to drink her own urine. After she was kicked, she fell onto a stereo unit and collapsed into a fit of convulsions. Since she was bleeding profusely, and pus was emerging from her infected burns, the four boys covered their hands in plastic bags.They continued to beat her and dropped an iron exercise ball onto her stomach several times. The attack reportedly lasted two hours. Furuta eventually succumbed to her wounds and died.

Less than 24 hours after her death, Minato's brother called to tell him that Furuta appeared to be dead. Afraid of being penalized for murder, the group wrapped her body in blankets and shoved her into a travel bag. They then put her body in a 55-US-gallon (210-litre) drum and filled it with wet concrete. Around 8:00 p.m., they loaded it and eventually disposed of the drum in a cement truck in Kōtō, Tokyo. During her captivity, Furuta had mentioned to her captors several times that she regretted not being able to watch the finale episode of Tonbo (Dragonfly とんぼ). Miyano found the videotape of the episode and placed it in the travel bag. As he later explained, it was not because he pitied Furuta, but because he did not want her to return as a ghost and haunt him.

On 23 January 1989, Miyano and Ogura were arrested for the gang-rape of the 19-year-old girl whom they had kidnapped in December. On 29 March, two police officers came to interrogate them, as women's underwear had been found at their addresses. During the interrogation, Miyano believed that one of the officers was aware of his culpability in Furuta's murder. Thinking that Jō Ogura had confessed to the crimes against Furuta, Miyano told the police where to find Furuta's body. The police were initially puzzled by the confession, as they had been referring to the murder of a different woman and her seven-year-old son that had occurred nine days prior to Furuta's abduction, a case which remains unsolved.

The police found the drum containing Furuta's body the following day. She was identified via fingerprints. On 1 April 1989, Ogura was arrested for a separate sexual assault, and subsequently re-arrested for Furuta's murder. The arrest of Watanabe, Minato, and Minato's brother followed. Several other accomplices who participated in abusing and raping Furuta were officially identified, including Tetsuo Nakamura and Koichi Ihara, who were charged with rape after their DNA was found on and inside the victim's body.

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P-Shine LA MANICURE GIAPPONESE è il trattamento di maggior successo nella cura delle unghie naturali danneggiate e fragili.


E' ideale per le unghie che si sfaldano, spezzano e che non crescono. Questo eccellente trattamento stimola la circolazione del sangue nelle punte delle dita e con un utilizzo regolare il rosa naturale del letto ungueale diventa più profondo con un eccellente aspetto e la linea di sorriso sarà ancora più bianca.

Rende le unghie fortissime, le nutre in profondità e consente una crescita veloce e visibile. L'effetto lucido rimane sulle unghie per più di due settimane.

Risultato è visibile subito dopo la prima applicazione. Trattamento sia per le donne (anche in gravidanza) che per gli uomini!


COSA CONTIENE: Bentonite, calcio e sodio; Lipidi che sono sostanze organiche fondamentali per mantenere l'elasticità dell'unghia; Cera d'api, ginseng che creano sull'unghia un film protettivo ma nello stesso tempo traspirante; Glicerina, pantenolo e lanolina che assicurano all'unghia una necessaria idratazione; Silicio e zinco irrinunciabili per la crescita dell'unghia; Vitamina A, E, H e provitamina B5 necessarie per la rigenerazione dell'unghia e la prevenzione dei problemi legati alla sua crescita.






January 8 2023 


Adapted from an article by " CORRIERE DELLA SERA", 2002 "Il giubbino che indossava Desiree Piovanelli il giorno che è stata uccisa a 14 anni, nell’autunno del 2002, è ancora custodito nell’ufficio corpo di reati del tribunale di Brescia. Lo ha appreso la Procura di Brescia che ha aperto una nuova inchiesta per omicidio sul delitto della giovanissima dopo che il padre della vittima ha presentato un esposto sostenendo che i quattro condannati in via definitiva, tre minori all’epoca dei fatti ed un adulto non siano gli unici coinvolti nel delitto. 

«C’è un mandante legato al mondo della pedofilia» è la tesi sostenuta da Maurizio Piovanelli, padre della vittima. Sul gomito destro del giubbino è stata isolata una traccia biologica già evidenziata nel 2002 quando si parlò di «macchia presumibilmente di sangue appartenente ad un profilo di sesso maschile diverso dagli arrestati», ma mai associata ad un dna".

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Why do sheep move in circles?

Who said that "being a sheep" means passively complying with the will of the flock? The three French researchers started from the observation that the collective movement of these gregarious animals is not a continuous process but rather an intermittent one. They then focused on studying the entire process as the sum of the "collective phases" of which it is composed and which are defined by the presence or absence of movement. “From this point of view, questions about information sharing mechanisms and consensus-based decision-making take on a new dimension,” said Fernando Peruani, one of the authors of the research. The study, we recall, did not concern the bizarre "perpetual roundabout" of the flock found in Mongolia, and its publication is prior to the specific case being talked about today in the newspapers.


The researchers first observed the behavior of small flocks of sheep and then devised a computational model that was in agreement with the observations made. The conclusions of the study would suggest that sheep move following a leader who remains leader only for a certain period of time, after which the control of the group would be transferred to another individual of the flock. "If a temporal leader has knowledge relevant to the group (for example, how to exit a maze or the location of a food source), then the temporal leader will be able to lead the group effectively," Peruani explained. - In this way, all group members benefit from this knowledge. It's worth noting that this only works if all individuals follow the temporal leader without question." The authors speak of "collective intelligence", which the flock would be able to achieve thanks to this type of behavior.

DECEMBER 27 2022 


          "Look down on me and you will see a fool, look down on me and you will see your lord. Look me in the eyes and you will see yourself. Journalists have a nasty habit of always leaving out what is really being said. I wish newspapers would shut down because they are inaccurate, ephemeral and use a lot of trees to produce them."

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